All Women


Join the the movement that celebrates all women and encourages Women to embrace their power!

I want every woman to experience herself through my lens, to Exist in photographs, and to truly love every step of her journey

We are too experienced not to be heard and too beautiful Not to be celebrated.

Don’t let age, shape or size limit your life, let it empower You! If not already, you can start today … own your power & Celebrate your confidence & self-discovery!

I am shooting 40 women in 2021 for my special empowering “All woman” project.

I’d love for you to be one of them!

What's Included

An amazing project photoshoot of a total value worth of €1250  for only EUR 895 and that includes…. 

* Design consultation to help you put together the rightclothing & style for your portrait experience. 

*A two-hour professional photoshoot  

*Professional hair & make- up artist (s) present during your entire 2 hours portrait experience.  

*1 Digital Photo and 1 ticket to exclusive gallery exhibition 

@ Christina Morena  


HOW TO SPEND with your photos

Within two weeks of your photo shoot, i will present you your curated collection of breathtaking fine art prints. You will want to proudly present and display them in your home, i promise … 

This experience is truly the gift that keeps on giving … we want to say “thank you” in the most profound way for your participation in this wonderful project. That is why we give you an exclusive ” Gold Card” with €300, – in credits” to use for compiling & purchasing your unique digital collection or any Wall Art collection of your choice, this as your ultimate celebration. 

Beautiful portraits, ready to frame & decorate your walls so you can proudly display them in your home … imagine your most favorite portrait (s) on your wall as Wall Art where you and everyone you love is to be able to enjoy it now and in the future. What you buy is totally up to you! 

**** If you are interested in purchasing additional portraits from your session, the €300 from your Gold Card will be applied to your order for your DIGITAL COLLECTION or Wall Art collection! Please let us know if you would like an additional product guide via the contact form below. 
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